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Why buy Highland beef?

We are committed to offering our private customers the same richly-flavored, healthy, lean Highland beef we eat ourselves. Our Highlands eat only grass, quality local grass hay and haylage with supplemental salt minerals available free choice plus clean, fresh water. Our animals are free of artificial growth hormones, steroids and sub-theraputic antibiotics.

The grass-fed Scottish Highland carcass is noted for some very healthy benefits, including less fat, lower cholesterol, more iron and more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally-raised feed lot beef.

The Highland breed’s thick hide and insulating double hair coat means less fat is deposited beneath the skin, reducing waste and allowing the natural fats to finely marble the meat instead. Due to its leanness, you may need to adjust your cooking methods to ensure the best result. Our quarters weigh approximately 145 pounds hanging, and you can expect a yield of 60-65%.