Cooking Instructions

The low-fat, heart healthy benefits of Scottish Highland beef offer excellent flavor and tenderness, provided you cook it right!

“Low and Slow” is key to your success. For best results, aim for rare to medium-rare doneness over moderate cooking temperatures, and try adding a bit of olive oil to the grill or pan to help sear the meat and seal in the juices. For perfect, juicy burgers, remember to make your patties slightly larger than the bun and slightly indented in the middle to reduce shrinkage (this is true for any beef patties, not just Highland). We love to grill on the farm and have learned that careful watching of a steak or burger on a moderate, oiled grill can create perfection for your mouth! For more information about cooking grass-fed beef, check out Jo Robinson’s  EatWild website!

Check back later for recipes, or contact us to submit your own!