Price Sheet

Our 2017 pricing is as follows:

Sides of beef: $3.50/lb hanging weight* payable to Skookumchuck Farm LLC, plus $0.70/lb hanging weight (plus tax) cut and wrap fee (payable to the butcher upon order pick up)

Non-refundable deposits are required for all orders to reserve your beef. Deposit amount depends on order placed:

1/4                       $100.00
1/2                       $200.00
Whole                 $400.00

We accept personal checks, cash and money orders.

*The cut and wrapped beef you’ll put in your freezer will weigh approximately 62% of the hanging weight due to shrinkage from hanging, plus cutting and trimming. You’ll need approximately 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space to store a 1/4 beef, 8-9 cubic feet for a 1/2 beef, and up to 15 cubic feet for a whole carcass, cut and wrapped.

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