Farm News

April 24, 2017

Hello from the farm! It seems we missed an entire year of Farm News. Apologies…it was super busy! Not only did we add SIX new calves and sell three animals, but we also grew our human family! Our daughter, Gemma Grace, joined us six weeks early in August 2016, weighing just under five pounds and measuring 18 inches long! After a couple of weeks in the nursery learning to breathe and eat on her own, she came home to the farm. Big Brother Asher had a time adjusting to her and to his new daycare, but we’re happy to report that all is well. Gemma is a delightful, easy baby and a most treasured addition to our family.

Back to farming – you read that correctly, we had SIX new calves born on the farm last year! Xara and Elodie (who has since gone to freezer camp) both gave us bull calves in late winter, followed by heifers from Ari and Xoe in spring. We held Bestla back from breeding hoping to sync her with everyone else. However, little did we know that our short yearling bull, SKM Duncan, was super ambitious and fertile! He now lives in Eastern Washington, but before he left, he bred a two-year old heifer (Caris, who lives in McCleary now), Xara and Bestla! We were shocked when Bestla delivered a nice bull calf just after Thanksgiving, and even more stunned when Xara delivered her SECOND bull calf of 2016 just before Christmas! Bestla’s calf, Eli, is a solid boy and is a contender for future herd sire. Xara’s calf, Elf, will join our beef program.

With two calves born unexpectedly at the end of 2016, we will only have two calves this year. Ari delivered a gorgeous snow white heifer in early March, who we have named Fiona (it means “white”), and Xoe delivered a black heifer named Fern in late March.

If you’re thinking we have a lot of animals now, you’re right! We are up to 15 head. Most everyone has moved to our leased summer pasture now. We’ve got two slaughter animals and two yearling heifers here at home. The heifers will move once the bull has done his job. We may sell a heifer or two later this year, and we are also pre-selling beef. We will be slaughtering two steers this Spring, and one in the Fall. If you’d like to stock your freezer with delicious, succulent Highland beef, please visit our Beef pages!

Happy Spring!

Paul, Amy, Asher and Gemma!