Farm News – 2013

September 2, 2013

How is it that it’s already nearly Fall again? All of a sudden, there’s a cool moisture in the morning air, an increase in ground fog, and some color in the leaves around our place. This summer has been very full, both at home and on the farm, and it’s flown by. We welcomed our son, Asher Paul, on June 21st and have been busy getting to know him and adjust to life with a new baby. He is a joy and we look forward to him growing up with us here on the farm.

Not only did our family grow, but our fold did, too, with the addition of a new brood cow, a prospect heifer and a steer, along with half a share of a bull! The two females and steers are related to one of our first cows, Sheila of Valhalla. Her daughter, Bestla, looks so much like her mom I regularly do a double take. She’s a little smaller (Sheila was very large-framed), but built very solidly and with the same short summer coat. She’s very sweet. Her daughter, Esther, is a bit standoffish so far, so we’ll see how she does with us. Her son, Ferdinand, is a darling steer for our 2014 beef program. Everyone has settled in nicely for us. The new bull, Inverness WPG Alban, is a calm, gentle guy who will live 50% of the time at our friends’ farm in Winlock, where he’s currently finishing up his “service”. He’ll be joining our big girls at the leased pasture soon.

We hope this summer treated you well!

Paul and Amy (and Asher)

April 5, 2013

Happy Spring! After a long but mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest, the end of March brought us unseasonably gorgeous weather, which gave a fantastic boost to all things green. We happily moved our fold – which has increased by two, thanks to Xoe’s nice little black October heifer, Elodie, and Sara’s beautiful little March 4th dun bull calf (as of yet unnamed) – to summer pasture a couple of weeks early. Not only does this give our little home pastures a rest, but also Paul’s allergies (he’s very allergic to grass hay, unfortunately). I would love to help with the chores, but alas…we’re expecting a baby boy on July 2nd ourselves, so my interaction with the cattle has been minimal.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly anticipating the delivery (by truck and trailer!) of our newest herd member, who will be arriving this weekend. More details to come!

Enjoy all that spring has to offer!

Warmly (and a little damply!),
Paul and Amy