Our Fold


Our current breeding goal is to produce high quality, conformationally correct and calm animals for breeding and show and high-yielding, flavorful Highland beef for sale and our own plates.

Foundation Cows

Rustler's Bestla

Rustler’s Bestla

DOB: 9/12/06
Registration: 44,986
Sire: Red Barron of Five Star Farm (41,381)
Dam: Sheila of Valhalla (41,841)

Bestla joined our fold in June 2013. She’s medium-framed and beefy. This gentle cow’s mother was one of our first Highlands, and “Besty” looks a lot like her. She has given us some outstanding offspring, very large framed and beefy.

Xoe of Hem-Loch

Xoe of Hem-Loch

DOB: 2/27/10
Registration: 49,132
Sire: WF Chadwick (41,253)
Dam: Makayla of Hem-Loch (38,444)

Xoe joined our fold in May 2011 from Hemlock Highlands in Sedro Wooley. She’s a large, solid brood cow like her mother. She wowed us by breeding back a mere 42 days after delivering her 2014 heifer, Calienta (sold), and gave us a pretty red heifer, Dixie (sold) in June 2015. We currently have her 2016 black heifer, Emily and her 2017 black heifer, Fern, on the farm.

BEM Xaralyn

BEM Xaralyn “Xara” (pronounced Sara)

DOB: 3/19/10
Registration: 49,092
Sire: Sheridan of Five Star Farm (43,098)
Dam: CHW Tara of Covington Highlands (43,622)

Xara joined our fold in July 2012 from Blueberry Meadows Highlands in Enumclaw, Washington. She is solid, sweet and has done well in show. Xara is very productive, earning the ACHA Impact Dam status, just like her mother, in 2016. She delivered two steers in 2016 – one in January and another in December!

BEM Arianna

BEM Arianna “Ari”

DOB: 4/10/12
Registration: 51,432
Sire: DH Montgomery (27,923)
Dam: CHW Tia of Covington Highlands (43,623)

Ari joined the fold in March 2013 as a long yearling. She’s a very sweet, small-framed girl who has impressed us with both the quality of her calves (three two date) and her calving and mothering ability.