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We are the Lagerquists, owners of Skookumchuck Farm LLC. We started our small farm in 2008 with the purchase of our first two bred registered Scottish Highland cows, Sheila and Bridgit, thinking they would help keep the grass in our small home pastures under control and provide us with calves for future freezer beef. Well, we fell in love with those two girls and our first two calves, and are still going strong!


Currently, in 2020, our fold (Scottish for herd) consists of three cows, two bred heifers, growing steers and the current year's calf crop. We sell a very limited quantity of our succulent, grass-fed beef each year and occasionally calves or yearlings, too, as breeding stock. Life is busy here on the farm, between the animals, our full-time jobs and our two young kids, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

We are proud members of the Northwest Highland Cattle Association (NWHCA), the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA), and Amy maintains a membership with Thurston County Cattlewomen.



Heavy Lifter/Herd Boss/Daddy

(Grew up on a farm, told his dad he'd never farm. Haha!)


Business Girl/Mama

(Grew up in the suburbs and dreamed of having a farm!)


Comic Relief


(Don't know life without cattle, and love the farm kid life!)

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